This is the live wholesale electricity prices in postcode 3150, in c/kWh

This is the solar generation from this site's Fronius Primo 5.0.1 5kW system (Power output in Watts)

This is this site's Battery Storage level as a percentage. The storage is 2x 10kWh ZCells, from our friends at the Australian battery company RedFlow headquartered in Brisbane, QLD.

Below is the 'running status' of the RedFlow battery system. Due to the nature of Zinc-Bromine flow-batteries, they need to perform self-maintenance from time to time to look after their internal chemistry. During this time of self-maintenance, the ZCell can still discharge at 1kW per cell (rather than the nominal 3.3 kW per cell - ie 6.6kW nominal for the two cells when combined). In this chart, it is an overall system self-maintenance status, not split cell by cell.

Here we can see the 'net effect' (or should we say the 'ned-effect'?) of all energy management into and out of this site. Grid Watts above zero means consumption from the grid, Grid Watts below zero means export to the grid (supporting the grid, and earning money for the export..)

Zero grid watts may mean no consumption within the premise, or, all consumption is being provided from solar and/or the battery. The storage level of the battery also affects the direction and magnitude of the flow of power to or from the grid. Luckily, ned looks after all this for you.

Ideally, you want to see buying when the prices are lower, and selling when the prices are higher, but this isn't always achievable due to a number of factors, such as demand within the premise, available solar and charge-level of the batteries for example.

This chart shows the net grid watts of the premise versus the sell price over the historical period displayed.

Ideally, you would want to see selling of most of the energy at higher prices. This reduces your bill (or sends it negative!) and supports the grid when it needs it the most.